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Maker of Prodigy Math Expands Into Literacy Learning With New Prodigy English Game

Game-based digital learning provider Prodigy Education today launched a new educational game focused on literacy, building on the popularity of Prodigy Math that is used by 150 million students globally, the company said.

Prodigy English, now available for grades 1–5, uses the same adaptive-learning technology of Prodigy Math to ensure students stay in their “zone of proximal development,” challenging them without leaving them frustrated, according to a news release.

The new Prodigy English game invites student players to “build their own online world, collecting supplies and exploring an exciting and interactive environment while learning curriculum-aligned English skills,” the company said.

The game covers such core skills as reading, rhyming, phonetics, and spelling; Prodigy said it plans to expand the new product up to grade 8 and add more skills in the future.

Similar to Prodigy Math, an adaptive algorithm is used to keep students in their zone of proximal development, ensuring they are challenged but not frustrated.

Prodigy English meets Tier 4 ESSA criteria, the company said, and is aligned to Common Core standards for Reading and Language for grades 1–5.

Both the Prodigy Math and English games are free for teachers, parents, or students; all in-game educational content is also free, and both offer optional subscription-based “premium” memberships with extra features designed to boost engagement, Prodigy said.

Students’ progress in the Prodigy English game can be monitored through the parent portal or teacher dashboard, like with the Prodigy Math game.

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