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PowerSchool Unified Talent Educator Evaluations Now Include Framework for Teaching Tools

K–12 school software provider PowerSchool today announced its employee management tool Unified Talent now includes the Danielson Group’s Framework for Teaching to further streamline and simplify educator evaluations and provide more actionable feedback for educators to fine-tune their craft and improve student outcomes, according to a news release.

PowerSchool’s Unified Talent Perform platform provides an objective path for rubric-driven educator evaluations; adding the Framework for Teaching tools “further simplifies the complex task of evaluating teaching by defining a combination of desired knowledge, skills, and disposition characteristics,” PowerSchool said. The resulting evaluations will not only include data-based insights and specific recommendations for the educator being evaluated, they’ll also help guide the personalized professional development offered within PowerSchool’s Unified Talent Professional Learning platform, the company said.

The evaluation process also is made faster with the new integration, according to PowerSchool.

“Providing clear, unbiased, and actionable feedback is key to supporting educators, and one of the most important ways to retain effective educators,” PowerSchool said in the announcement. “With PowerSchool’s new integration of the Framework for Teaching within the Unified Talent Perform, administrators can easily implement it in an online tool that eases administrative burdens by as much as 80% while providing fair and actionable feedback for teachers.”

Studies by NEA and other educator organizations have shown that teachers who receive fair and transparent evaluations with actionable steps to increase their professional development are more likely to stay with a district longer, PowerSchool noted.

Learn more about PowerSchool’s teacher evaluation platform on its Unified Talent Perform website page.

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