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Vector Solutions Adds Spanish, French Translations to K-12 Staff Training Courses

Staff training and software provider Vector Solutions has added a new Course Translations feature that enables school district employees to access the company’s K–12 training courses in multiple languages, the company said in a news release.

AI technology is used to translate the text of the course content, as well as the knowledge checks and assessments that are included with the training modules, Vector Solutions said. Some courses also offer translated machine-generated narration. The training courses are now offered in English, Spanish, and French, with a 20-language package scheduled to launch in the next year, the company said.

Translation is available for dozens of courses in Vector’s environmental, health, human resources, nutrition services, social and behavioral, special education, and transportation libraries, with more being added in the coming weeks. Translation is also available for many state-specific safety and compliance courses, according to the news release.

Courses with translation available will prompt users to select their preferred language when they log into their course, and then the course text and subsequent assessments will automatically be translated, Vector Solutions said.

Learn more about K–12 staff training solutions at the Vector Solutions website or find the list of translated courses at

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