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Mosyle Opens Public Beta of its OneK12 Six-in-One IT Solution for Schools Using Apple Devices

Apple-specific MDM and security provider Mosyle has made available to all K–12 schools a “long trial” of its new Apple Unified Platform device management and security solution for educational institutions called OneK12, the company announced.

OneK12, now in public beta after a private test period, integrates device management, content filtering, endpoint security, single sign-on, application management, and classroom management on its Apple-only platform, Mosyle said.

The solution will be commercially available in 2023, and public schools are invited to participate now, Mosyle CEO Alcyr Araujo told THE Journal. OneK12 is priced at $9.00 per device per year, he said.

The company also unveiled updates to its flagship mobile device management solution for schools, Mosyle Manager, including a new user interface designed to “make it easier for IT teams to manage fleets of Apple devices at school.”

Also newly available to K–12 schools is Mosyle Embark, a new onboarding tool for Macs that aims to “enhance first-day experiences by guiding and informing teachers and students during the configuration of their new Mac.”

Mosyle Embark will be included for all future OneK12 users, Araujo said.

OneK12 combines the following six solutions into a single platform for K–12 IT managers, listed verbatim from the company’s announcement:

  • Enhanced Device Management: Delivers full MDM for macOS, iOS and tvOS, zero-touch deployment, automated ongoing management, screen sharing, and support for shared devices, all purpose-built for K-12 workflows and use cases.
  • Content Filtering: Offers encrypted DNS functionality that automates web filtering and encryption exclusively on Apple endpoints used in education. By focusing on the device instead of the network, students and teachers get fast, secure and reliable web privacy and security at school, on the go or at home.
  • Endpoint Security: Provides next-generation AI-based malware protection, automated security compliance review and remediation, user privilege management and online threat protection to keep students and teachers safe.
  • Single Sign-On: Mosyle Auth 2 offers the control of macOS LoginWindows, creating another level of security while giving teachers and students the simplicity of using school-provided credentials to authenticate Macs.
  • Classroom Management: Enables teachers to customize device preferences during class time. With the click of a button all devices in the class will be configured to meet the teacher's expectations, saving more time for learning.
  • Application Management: Includes a robust set of application management features, allowing customers to remotely deploy, update and manage any compatible app on Apple devices regardless of its availability on Apple's App Store.

Araujo told THE Journal that OneK12 allows districts using Apple devices to automate many IT functions, requiring less personnel hours for repetitive tasks.

“Mosyle solutions are made with automation in mind. The goal is to reduce manual work already being done by IT administrators that manage school/district devices,” he said. “Mosyle will optimize the time of the current IT team by improving management and security while automating all the tasks related to that. The district/school can then use the saved time for other IT-related tasks.”

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The features of Mosyle's new OneK12 device management and security platform for K-12 schools

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