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Reading Horizons Announces Tech-Enabled Edition of Reading Horizons Discovery

Literacy skills company Reading Horizons has launched a new edition of its multisensory Reading Horizons Discovery program, upgrading to a tech-enabled version that provides instant and actionable data to enable teachers to help their K–3 students become proficient readers.

The new edition gives teachers immediate data to help them plan individualized instruction for their students where needed in their reading progress, without having to keep track of multiple computer programs. Besides tracking student progress, the upgrade instantly suggests which students need small-group instruction and specific intervention lessons, reducing teacher prep time. Each lesson includes a teacher training video. The new edition allows teachers to “pace lessons, monitor student mastery, and ensure instructional equity,” the company said. With a goal of achieving reading proficiency by the third grade, the Reading Horizons Discovery program’s latest edition “continues our mission to provide every student consistent, engaging, and effective foundational reading instruction,” said company CEO Tyson Smith.

Reading Horizons has offered its simplified and research-based teaching strategies to tackle illiteracy for nearly 40 years, having worked with 50,000 educators to help students gain reading mastery, the company notes on its website. The K–3 program teaches word-recognition foundational skills such as phonological awareness, decoding and encoding words, and sight recognition. Read more about the Reading Horizons Discovery program here.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.