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TCEA 2023: Incident IQ Launches iiQ Events Solution and Unveils iiQ Facilities Enhancements

K–12 workflow management platform Incident IQ has unveiled a new event planning solution called iiQ Events, intended to streamline staff and facilities processes leading up to and during school events, according to a news release.

Atlanta-based Incident IQ said its new software helps school staff manage location availability and requests, secure necessary equipment and ensure set-up is completed prior to events, and match workforce availability to event needs. “iiQ Events manages these event workflows from start to finish, handling event requests and scheduling and preparation tasks, while keeping district staff in sync and key stakeholders informed,” the company said.

School staff and other approved users can use iiQ Events to find available campus locations that meet their event needs and reserve the space online in seconds, preventing accidental double-bookings. It also provides a detailed schedule for staff and administrators, including set-up and breakdown requirements for each event, according to the company. Schools or districts using iiQ Events can set up their approval workflows with varying stages, enabling key decision-makers to green-light certain events without additional steps or paperwork.

Example work order for an event scheduled through Incident IQ's new iiQ Events solution for K-12 facilities and event managementOnce an event reservation request is approved, iiQ Events can automatically dispatch work orders (example pictured) to relevant support teams to begin preparation, such as setting up risers, tables and chairs, or audiovisual equipment requested on the reservation form, the company said.

iiQ Events generates a detailed event calendar for facility managers, and the views can be customized for each user depending on their role and building, for example. Each user’s iiQ Events calendar can also be synced with popular solutions such as Google Calendar and ArbiterSports, ensuring that events are visible to the appropriate audiences.

"Facilities teams are the backbone of schools — not only do they coordinate and assist with special events, but they also accomplish the important tasks that keep district buildings running smoothly," said Chris Burns, iiQ Facilities Product Manager. "iiQ Events optimizes workflows so facilities teams can stay coordinated and prepared for events, all while operating from the same platform that IT teams, teachers, and staff use regularly."

Jun Kim, director of technology at Moore Public Schools in Moore, Oklahoma, said the iiQ Events platform makes submitting requests easier on school staff and on the district's IT and maintenance teams.

"I hear nothing but positives coming from our entire staff — Incident IQ has really streamlined our processes,” Kim said. “iiQ Facilities and iiQ Ticketing use the same interface, so it's a lot easier for our end users to put in tickets. The workflow and ease of use is phenomenal."

Incident IQ also announced enhancements for its iiQ Facilities work order solution for K–12 building teams: new labor rate tracking to help support teams manage overtime and hourly rates, and improved parts and labor analytics that report labor and inventory costs.

A webinar introducing iiQ Events will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2–2:45 p.m. CST; register at

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