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GoGuardian Launches Giant Steps Digital Learning Tool

Education technology provider GoGuardian has launched new digital learning tool designed to encourage both independent learning and collaboration. The tool, Giant Steps, provides a gamified learning experience across different subjects.

According to the company: "Giant Steps can be used in groups in the classroom or independently at home to practice information taught during class, revisit skills or standards that students may be struggling with, and reinforce prior knowledge before a lesson. Every detail of the product is designed to cultivate a growth mindset, increase motivation, and facilitate the creation of a positive learning community."

GoGuardian launches Giant Steps

Some of the features include:

  • The ability for students to create their own avatars;

  • The ability for students to partner with classmates for collaborative work;

  • Support for independent study outside the classroom with "daily remixes" of content they learned in the classroom;

  • A library of standards-aligned resources;

  • The ability for teachers to add their own content for lessons; and

  • Automated student progress reporting, as well as real-time data on student progress.

Giant Steps by GoGuardian

The company noted that about 5,600 students in 55 schools in the United States had been using Giant Steps before the public launch.

Giant Steps is available now. A free trial is available as well.

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