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16 Products Achieve 1EdTech OneRoster 1.2 Standard That Makes Tracking Student Progress Simpler

A collaboration of ed tech providers led by nonprofit 1EdTech Consortium has resulted in an updated open standard for interoperability that allows K–12 school districts to automatically combine assessment results and grades from districts’ various platforms and tools, enabling teachers and administrators to see all their students’ results data in one place. 

Since the Fall 2022 release of 1EdTech’s updated open standard, OneRoster 1.2, 16 ed tech products have earned certification, according to a news release from 1EdTech, which was known as IMS Global until a name change last year.

“OneRoster 1.2 makes it easier to gather data from across a district’s ecosystem, putting it in the hands of educators faster and giving them more time to identify challenges and help their students succeed,” said 1EdTech CEO Rob Abel, Ed.D. “This is what happens when educators and suppliers work together, with no agenda other than to find the best solutions to power learner potential.”

OneRoster 1.2 works hand-in-hand with other 1EdTech interoperability standards, aiming to make integrations “easier and repeatable so districts can continue to innovate and grow without redoing their entire ecosystem,” the nonprofit said. It also makes for a more seamless user experience for educators, enabling them to access the tools they need without having to jump between numerous tools that each require a separate login.

The student information systems that have earned OneRoster 1.2 certification thus far include Digital Koumu Student Information System, Focus SIS, Infinite Campus, and PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS, the organization said.

“The release of OneRoster 1.2 is a big deal for K–12 institutions and the platforms that support their vital work because it dramatically improves ease of use and increases privacy and productivity,” said Dr. Barry Brahier, chief product officer of teaching and learning for Infinite Campus. “Every school district should be demanding their platforms support OneRoster 1.2.”

Learn more about which ed tech solutions have earned certifications from 1EdTech at the TrustEd Apps Directory website,

1EdTech invites ed tech vendors seeking support in implementing OneRoster 1.2 to attend a OneRoster Bootcamp during its annual Learning Impact Conference, scheduled for June 5–8 in Anaheim, California. Learn more at the conference website

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