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ParentSquare Adds Virtual Phone Feature for School Staff

School-home communications provider ParentSquare has unveiled a new Virtual Phone feature to its platform that documents and records voice communications between educators and families just as it does with other types of exchanges, according to a news release.

The tool also means educators no longer need to use their personal phones to call students and families; each school staff member on the ParentSquare platform is assigned their own Virtual Phone number for making and receiving calls via the ParentSquare app.

“Student and family phone numbers are already validated by the platform’s built-in contact verification process, so educators always call the most up-to-date number in the contact information,” ParentSquare said. “Families don’t need to have the ParentSquare app to receive calls from the Virtual Phone, and if they return a call outside of office hours, they are sent to a customizable voicemail.”

All calls are automatically documented within ParentSquare alongside educators’ other communications with families; the staff member placing the call can document the reason for the call from a drop-down menu, add notes, and decide whether to have ParentSquare automatically create a transcription. Administrators can also review call log reports.

Learn more at ParentSquare.com.

image shows the ParentSquare school-home communications dashboard for K-12 school staff using the new virtual phone feature to call students' families

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