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Free Digital Lesson Bundle Uses Storytelling to Help Students Pursue Positive Change

The nonprofit organization Creative Visions and Discovery Education have partnered to release a free three-lesson digital bundle to inspire students in grades 6 to 12 to use storytelling and creative arts to help implement positive changes in the world on issues they care about.

Educators can access free, standards-aligned resources to help students focus on what they want to accomplish. The Creative Visions Classroom offers a “Changemakers in Action Virtual Field Trip” video tour of several young people who have engaged in various projects.

Some examples, among many, include:

  • A young man who used video journaling to address his own mental health challenges to help others not feel so alone;

  • A young man inspired by his photojournalist uncle who raised awareness about conditions in Somalia and was killed during a riot;

  • The great-granddaughter of Eleanor Roosevelt (who helped draft the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights), who makes films about various issues across the world; and

  • A young Black woman poet who wrote a collection of poems addressing her feelings about the ocean and water, from the perspective of Black people historically having a fear of the water, based on the history of the transatlantic slave trade.

The video outlines steps students can take to realize their creative visions for inspiring change:

  1. Find an issue that interests you;

  2. Become informed — research it;

  3. Create an action plan, including how to share it with the world; and

  4. Start. Do something, no matter how small.

The video also coaches students how to deal with “Impersonator Syndrome,” which may arise and sabotage their goals.

The resources for educators include a facilitator guide, a PowerPoint lesson presentation, and a Creative Changemakers Learning Hub.

"Creative action is a powerful tool to affect social change and empower young people to use their voices to help address key issues of our time. Through storytelling, arts, and media, youth can express their passions and emotions, create empathy and connection, explore new ideas and solutions, and inspire action," said Pat Chandler, Creative Visions CEO.

To learn more about the mental health resources added to the Creative Visions bundle, visit the CreateConnectCare page.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.