Anthology to Release AI Assessment Tool for Blackboard Learn Ultra

Anthology today announced it will release a new tool for Blackboard Learn Ultra that allows users to build "authentic assessments" with the help of AI.

The tool is part of the AI Design Assistant for Blackboard Learn Ultra. AI Design Assistant already had a test creation capability, which Anthology said is the most-used feature of the tool since its launch a couple months ago, making up about 60% of the AI Design Assistant's use. The new features build on that capability.

According to Anthology, "The authentic assessment feature utilizes learning objectives and course material to develop prompts aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy that promote critical thinking like analyzing, creating, and evaluating. While assessment objectives like recalling or remembering are potentially susceptible to responses generated by AI, prompts like creating are more difficult for AI tools to generate and can evaluate a learner's understanding and application of course content more deeply. The tool inspires instructors to quickly develop complex, situational prompts that require learners to determine the relevancy of information and apply skills, knowledge, and judgement. Prompts can require learners to work together with peers and take the shape of real-world tasks. The result is an assessment aligned to higher order thinking skills and that simulates the context of challenges to be faced in a learner's future workplace."

The new feature is expected to be available in December.

Further information can be found on Anthology's AI Design Assistant portal.

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