EdSAFE AI Alliance Relaunched to Promote AI 'Safety' in Education

New York City-based InnovateEDU has announced the revival of the EdSAFE AI Alliance to promote the responsible use of AI in education on a global scale. The organization is a coalition of education/learning and technology partners dedicated to fostering AI policy, collaboration, and best practices in K–12 education.

Originally convened in 2020 under the leadership of DXtera Institute and other partners, and operative through September 2023, the newly revived Alliance will continue its mission based on its core philosophy, the SAFE Framework:

  • Safety: data privacy and security and a "do no harm" approach;

  • Accountability: clear stakeholder responsibilities;

  • Fairness: bias-free equity and ethics; and

  • Efficacy: demonstrable learning outcomes from the use of AI technology.

The work goals of the EdSAFE AI Alliance's mission include:

  • Guiding responsible policy development at all government levels;

  • Crafting initiatives to bring such policies to fruition; and

  • Engaging in activities such as publishing white papers, supporting district and state policy labs, and creating special fellowship programs.

The founding members of the steering committee include:

  • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE);

  • AI in Education;

  • aiEDU;

  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT);

  • CAST;

  • Consortium for School Networking (COSN);

  • Digital Promise;

  • Dxtera Institute;

  • Education Counsel;

  • Federation of American Scientists (FAS);


  • National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD);

  • National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA);

  • National Education Association (NEA);

  • Opportunity Labs;

  • Project Evident;

  • SEDTA;

  • Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA); and

  • The New Teacher Project (TNTP).

"Addressing the responsible use of AI in education is not just an academic exercise; it's a pressing policy imperative that will shape the future of learning. The EdSAFE AI Alliance aims to lead the way in confronting this challenge head-on," said Erin Mote, co-founder of InnovateEDU. "Guided by the pillars of our SAFE framework, we're actively shaping and implementing policies across federal, state, and local levels to ensure AI serves as a force for good in education."

More information will soon be available at the Alliance's new website, or contact Thomas Rodgers, 601-334-6655, [email protected].

InnovateEDU, which originally started in New York City, has expanded its reach to a number of nationwide projects in addition to the Alliance. Visit its projects page to learn more.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.