Artificial Intelligence in Education

Microsoft's 'Recall' Feature Will No Longer Be a Default Setting Due to Security Concerns

Microsoft's controversial new AI Recall feature (currently in preview) will not be activated by default for Windows users, the company announced.

Apple Introduces 'Apple Intelligence,' ChatGPT Integration

Apple has announced "Apple Intelligence," a comprehensive software update across its devices, including iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, aiming to provide users with a personalized version of generative AI (GenAI).

Brainly Releases AI-Powered Test Prep Service

AI education solutions provider Brainly recently announced a new service called Test Prep, designed to create personalized study experiences to boost both test scores and student confidence, a news release reports. Test Prep offers customized daily tasks that adjust to the student’s class schedule, removing the stress of study planning and time management.

16 Companies Agree to Put Limits on Gen AI Systems

Industry generative AI leaders — including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Anthropic — have agreed to pull the plug on their own AI technologies if they're deemed too dangerous.

NWEA Introduces AI-Powered Reading Coach for 1:1 Personalized Reading Practice

K-12 assessment and research organization NWEA has added an AI reading coach feature to its MAP Reading Fluency early literacy assessment product.

Google Unveils New LearnLM Models for Students, Gemini Features for Education

Google is priming its various generative AI technologies to meet the needs of educators, the company announced at its Google I/O conference.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Platforms to Increase Student Learning: One District's Journey

As educators, we cannot afford to delay providing instruction on appropriate use of artificial intelligence platforms to our students. Doing so places them at a significant disadvantage as they enter college and/or the workforce.

NIST Introduces National Generative AI Testing Program

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is moving toward establishing a more standardized national approach to AI safety.

High School Math Students Worry About Future Jobs Due to Generative AI, Survey Finds

A survey conducted by the Society For Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) during this year's annual M3 Challenge (MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge) in March 2024 showed that nearly half the high school students participating in the contest who responded to the survey worry that generative AI will impact their future job prospects.

Study: Mental Health, Challenges Outside School Largest Barriers to K–12 Student Success

A new report from global education institution McGraw Hill sheds some light on the relationship between challenges outside the classroom, like mental health and behavioral problems, with academic success in K–12 schools, according to a news release. The McGraw Hill Global Education Insights Report: Learning Outcomes & the Digital Classroom also explores the positive impact of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on student success.