THE Journal Digital edition October 2011: Cover Shot

THE Journal Digital Edition - October 2011


Cover Story: Mobile Devices

Visions of Mobile Learning
It is almost a foregone conclusion that the mobile device will become an indispensable tool for learning in the future. That’s why T.H.E. Journal asked a number of educators to let their imaginations go wild and conjure up visions of the future of the device in the classroom.

Rural Schools

Off the Beaten Path
Making sure students in rural areas get the same quality of educational experience as their counterparts in urban and suburban neighborhoods can be enhanced by the right kind of technology implementation.By Dan Gordon


Six Habits of the Highly Effective E-Rate Applicant
In an atmosphere and economic era in which requests for E-Rate funding are more than double the amount available each year, applicants must be persistent when it comes to requesting money from the FCC.By John Harrington


  • Our Space: Breaking the QR Code
  • Here & Now
  • Policy & Advocacy: Driving Digital Change
  • Research: Keeping Rural Schools Up to Speed
  • Index
  • Drill Down: Administrative Outlook

OCTOBER 2011 | Volume 38, No. 9 | 44 Pages

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