Edit Images & Make Movies w/GOO

Kai's Power GOO has such an easy interface that even youngsters can perform dramatic image manipulation images and make movies on standard computers.

The software creates "liquid" images and manipulates them in real time by smearing, smudging, stretching and fusing them.

Progressive transformations of the images can then be saved to a keyframe palette and animated in real time. "GO'ed" changes blend seamlessly into the overall picture, and users may also enter Kai's Power GOO Fusion Room to superimpose and blend parts of images together, creating a third image. These fused images can then be placed into the keyframe palette and output as a GOOvie, QuickTime or AVI movie.

Kai's Power GOO (Windows & Mac) includes the following features: GOO Brush Palette, Global Effects Palette, Tweening/Effects Control, Fusion Room, Keyframe Palette, Text Engine, In/Out Rooms, Preferences and Playback Control. MetaTools, Inc., Carpinteria, CA, (805) 566-6385, www.metatools.com.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.