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Automate the Enrollment Process

E-coms from Hobsons is a customizable enrollment management program for college and university admissions offices. The software handles schools' admissions Web pages and prospective students' e-mail inquiries, collecting enrollment-specific data and delivering customized recruiting messages.

The secure, Web-based system allows authorized users to create custom student interest forms, surveys, event response forms and "VIP" pages for their school's Web site, all directly from their personal computers. When students complete these forms, the information is automatically added to the student prospect database. Prospect information can also be imported to the database from virtually any other student information system or third party database.

Authorized users can then create student filters and groupings based on any number of customizable data fields. This allows colleges and universities to send targeted recruiting messages or plan specialized recruiting events using the E-coms package. Software modules help organize e-mail, direct mail and events planning. Hobsons U.S., Cincinnati, OH, (800) 927-8439,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.