Pearson's Behnke Appointed to IMS Board


Jim Behnke, chief learning officer for education publisher Pearson, has been appointed to the board of directors for IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC), a group of 14 education and technology professionals within IMS GLC.

"Jim Behnke's addition to the IMS board will enhance our ongoing work in bridging the investments made in higher education learning technology across the K-12 segment," said David Ernst, Chairman of the Board, Chief Information Officer at California State University. "It has become very clear from the cross-segment participation in IMS that activities such as Learning Tools Interoperability, Common Cartridge, and Learning Information Services have great applicability to the K-12 segments worldwide and Pearson will play an important role in this."

Behnke will bring experience managing online strategy and technology, including Pearson's MyLabs assessment programs, used by more than 3 million students worldwide in 2007. Over the last decade, he has been focused on the development of programs that utilize the Web as a medium for teaching.

IMS Global Learning Consortium's focus is the promotion and enhancement of technology in both the education and corporate learning sectors around the world. The IMS GLC is supported by more than 115 organizations, including technology product suppliers and publishers, education and training institutions, as well as professional and government consortia.

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About the author: Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Florida. He can be reached via e-mail here.

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About the Author

Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.