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Adaptive Curriculum Launches Math and Science Offerings in Spanish

Online learning provider Adaptive Curriculum has launched a Spanish-language version of its concept-mastery math and science program, AC Math and AC Science, to meet the needs of the nation’s growing population of English language learners (ELLs).

The Web-based offering stresses active learning in math and science for grades 6-12. The Spanish version is geared toward a market of approximately 5 million ELLs in the country’s public schools with roughly 79 percent of those students speaking Spanish, according to data provided by Adaptive Curriculum.

The new Spanish language material is currently available as an option to all of the company’s current customers.

Features of AC Math and AC Science include:

  • Real-world scenarios;
  • Continuous access for students around the clock;
  • An online glossary to help with English mastery;
  • Educator support with workshops and online professional communities;
  • Interactive simulations with high-level graphics; and
  • Standards-based learning.

Anytime access allows students to work at their own pace and permits them greater flexibility than with learning confined to just the classroom. In addition to allowing for a more self-paced learning approach, such access also allows learning to be more family-friendly by providing students with an opportunity to gain input from their families. In turn, students can share what they are learning with Spanish-speaking relatives to facilitate learning from student to parent.

Besteiro Middle School in Texas began a limited implementation of Adaptive Curriculum in 2007 and now uses the program school-wide.

"Students always need to connect their learning to real life application in order to retain information for longer periods of time," said Besteiro Principal Alma Cernas-Rubio. Adaptive Curriculum helps them learn and remember concepts because it connects to real applications."

Besteiro Middle School serves approximately 1,000 students, 99 percent of whom are Hispanic, with 70 classroom teachers.

Adaptive Curriculum, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, serves more than 2 million students in the United States, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit adaptivecurriculum.com.