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Florida District Looks To Boost Administrative Efficiencies with ERP Deployment

The Pasco County (FL) school board has signed a $7.9 million contract with Tyler Technologies to deploy its Munis ERP, or enterprise resource planning software, to help standardize its business processes and increase efficiency.

The district will use a variety of tools in the Munis package, including:

  • Financial management, which includes online access to district data and Munis applications; forecasting and analysis for strategic planning; audit trails; customizable local, state, and federal reporting; importing of documents; and integration with document management systems;
  • Employee and vendor self service, which allows workers to track and update employment and personal information, such as paid time off requests, benefits selections, and evaluations. In addition, vendors interested in submitting bids can place and track them online, read messages, and find related documents such as direct deposit forms;
  • Human capital management, which manages human resources and payroll processes. It allows phone, e-mail, or instant message communication straight from an employee record; includes Powerful Central Programs (which provides a central location for all information on vendors and employees); and wizards to add employees to the database, generate W2 forms, and create budget projections; and
  • Content Manager, an indexing and search system that allows users to search documents by keyword. It supports several electronic file formats, including faxes, PDF, and TIFF, and allows for the scanning of paper documents into digital format.

In addition, the district will receive disaster recovery services, which provides secure document backup on servers at the company's Dayton, Ohio, facility, and change management services. The agreement also includes software licenses, support, maintenance, and professional services.

Before deciding on Tyler Technologies, the district selected a team of employees to review ERP proposals over three evaluation phases.

"Overall, we selected Munis because it can support our commitment to making data-driven decisions, and to continuous improvement of the district's business processes," said Ann Altman, ERP project leader and systems analyst for the District School Board of Pasco County. "Additionally, Munis will help the district to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes, and aid in the transformation and standardization of financial and human resource processes."

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