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Lucid Data Unveils Teacher Evaluation Software

Lucid Data has released teacher evaluation and classroom observation software that is free for school districts that use PDExpress.

PDExpress is a Web-based information management system that allows K-12 school systems to create, monitor, and generate reports on professional development and certification by faculty members. Features include automatic notifications by e-mail, access to transcripts, alignment of teacher goals with professional development training, customization of forms, and the ability to import records, pages, and reports.

The PDExpress teacher evaluation tool allows instructors to conduct self-evaluations, and administrators to perform classroom observations and evaluations.

Features of the teacher evaluation component include:

  • The ability to create customized evaluation and observation forms from a variety of models with options for field types, including value list, checkbox, numeric, notes, and text. The system also supports document attachments;
  • Automatic notifications to teachers that an evaluation is ready to be reviewed, and automatic e-mails to administrators regarding observation statuses;
  • Customizable rubrics and performance levels; and
  • The ability to assign more than one evaluator to a form.

In addition, the teacher evaluation tool lets supervisors create goals and plans for teachers based on evaluations and observations, and connect them to professional development courses.

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