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Maple 16 Adds Improved Visualizations, Algorithms

Maplesoft has released a new version of math software tool Maple, used by scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Maple integrates symbolics and numerics, providing application tools in all three subject areas. It includes more than 5,000 mathematical functions, and a variety of options for high-performance computing.

Maple 16 makes available new techniques and tools in the Clickable Math collection, such as "drag-to-solve" and "smart popups." Drag-to-solve allows users to tackle problems by dragging terms to the desired location and save each step in the calculation. Smart popups let users adjust a single part of a highlighted calculation and preview the answer. It also notifies the user which mathematical identities can be used, if a subexpression can be factored, and shows the plot.

Other additions to Maple include:

  • An intuitive point-and-click interface;
  • A smart plot view, which zeroes in on specific points of interest by using a new algorithm designed specifically for 2-D plots;
  • Quicker performance through multiple cores and multi-threading;
  • Faster algorithms for linear algebra computations, including numeric differential equation-solving, core polynomial operations, and linear algebra computations;
  • Support for app development and programming; and
  • Improved visualizations, with enhanced grid lines, surface properties, light models, and color schemes for its 170 kinds of 2-D and 3-D animations and plots.

Maple 16 also features 100 new math apps in the areas of algebra and geometry, calculus, physical sciences, graphing, real numbers, finance and economics, and trigonometry.

MapleCloud allows users to exchange documents with each other and “like” them. “Liking” a document creates a bookmark. In addition, users can look for documents by keyword with a search tool.

The software can be used in many languages: English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Greek, Korean, and Spanish.

Maple 16 is available with single- and multiple-user licenses.

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