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Learning Resources Launches New Portable, Interactive Whiteboard

Learning Resources has announced a new portable, interactive whiteboard called now!Board that can be used with a projector or computer to turn any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.

To use now!Board, the teacher plugs the now!Board camera into a USB port on his Mac or PC computer that's connected to a projector, launches the now!Board application, and calibrates the device by tapping the stylus on a projected target. Teachers and students can then use now!Board to display and interact with applications on their computers or online resources, and they can use the now!Board stylus and wand for actions such as writing, drawing, highlighting, moving on-screen objects, erasing, and saving.

Learning Resources emphasizes the portability of now!Board, noting in a press release that teachers can use it in spaces such as gyms and hallways, in addition to classrooms. The now!Board camera can also work at variable heights, wherever the projector's display is pointed, so in classrooms with small children it can be positioned low on the wall where kids can reach the objects on the display with the stylus or wand.

“now!Board offers a flexible alternative to installing expensive whiteboards in every classroom throughout a school building,” said Nicholas Provenzano, technology curriculum specialist at Grosse Pointe Public School District in Grosse Pointe, MI, in a prepared statement. “The mobility of now!Board enables teachers to create an engaging, collaborative learning experience in any room or classroom setting for their students.”

now!Board has a list price of $499, which includes the now!Board camera, software, guide, carrying case, stylus, and wand. A Jr. Wand is available separately for $35. Further information about now!Board is available on the Learning Resources site.

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