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Follett Announces Joint Release to Support Digital Learning Experience

Follett School and Library Group (FSLG) has announced the joint release of Destiny 10.5, FollettShelf, and Follett Digital Reader to help districts and schools manage the process of checking books in and out and provide better access to books and notes both on and offline.

Destiny is a suite of ebook management applications from Follett and includes Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Textbook Manager, and Destiny Asset Manager. Destiny Library Manager is a centralized K-12 resource management tool for librarians. Destiny Textbook Manager is a textbook distribution, tracking, and ordering management tool for districts and schools. Destiny Asset Manager is an equipment inventory system for districts and schools.

Destiny 10.5 includes a new dashboard that displays current data in a unified graphical display, as well as a mobile app that enables school staff to perform basic circulation management functions through their mobile device. Destiny Textbook Manager 10.5 enables schools to track etextbook licenses and assign them to students.

FollettShelf is a cloud-based virtual bookshelf of preK-12 ebooks, audiobooks, interactive books, and databases. Follett Digital Reader is an application for reading Follett ebooks on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

"This personal, portable reading and study environment provides a unique and engaging reading experience that is designed to assist schools in supporting Common Core and other curriculum standards, build literacy skills, support critical thinking, and make reading rewarding and fun anytime, anywhere," said John Williams, director of digital products for Follett Library Resources, in a prepared statement.

The integration of Destiny 10.5 with FollettShelf enables administrators to manage and share ebook collections, support library usage, and support mobile device initiatives, according to information released by the company.

"This release is the next step for Follett in expanding our customers' experience from a more traditional searching and reading experience to a digital learning experience," said Don Rokusek, Destiny program director for Follett Software, in a prepared statement. "It uniquely integrates Follett's technology, content, and services to create a foundation for future growth as schools and districts adopt and manage digital content."

The joint release of Destiny 10.5, FollettShelf, and Follett Digital Reader is currently available to select customers through the Follett First Look member-based program.

Further information about the Follett First Look program is available at follettfirstlook.com.

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