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NewPath Creates Interactive Online Learning Program for K-12

NewPath Learning, a developer of supplemental education products for K-12 classrooms, has launched a new, free standards-based online learning program with interactive multimedia lessons in science, math, language arts, and social studies.

The Web-based service enables teachers to create and deliver custom lessons for individual students or the whole class. According to NewPath, the program is aligned to Common Core State Standards and current state standards and provides curriculum mastery and assessment preparation. The online tool includes an extensive library of ready-to-use multimedia resources, which teachers can incorporate into their custom lessons.

"The resources provided are ideal for use on interactive whiteboards for classroom instruction or for individual student use on any Mac or Windows-based computer," said Kurt Gelke, president of NewPath, in a prepared statement. "Additionally, the site can be used with mobile devices to include tablets and, in the very near future, iPads."

Key features of NewPath's online learning program include:

  • Multimedia science lessons for middle and high school life science, biology, human body, earth science, and physical science;
  • Resources for grades 1-12 inscience, math, English language arts, and social studies;
  • Tools to create custom lessons using content from NewPath, YouTube, Khan Academy, and other Web resources, as well as from the teacher's own materials;
  • A classroom management system to assign lessons and track and report on progress; and
  • Cloud-based storage to save lessons online and share them with colleagues.

Basic access to the program is available for free and provides tools and templates to develop and deliver customized lessons, as well as limited access to NewPath's curriculum resource library. Annual premium subscriptions are available for $99.95 per teacher and provide unlimited access to the complete library of interactive lessons, activities, and assessments.

Further information about about NewPath's online learning program is available at newpathlearning.com.

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