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Knovation To Integrate SideVibe Assignment Publishing Tool

Knovation, which provides digital standards-based content and search tools for the classroom, has acquired SideVibe from Basis Applied Technology. SideVibe, a Web app that provides tools to publish online assignments, will be integrated into Knovation's products in beta release in mid-2013, and finalized by the end of the year.

SideVibe, which works with any learning management system (LMS), consists of an online interface that allows teachers to develop Common Core State Standards-based interactive online activities, receive student response, and provide immediate feedback.

Knovation's products include netTrekker Search and iCurio.

netTrekker Search is a tool designed to allow students and educators to find Web-based educational media quickly. K-12 teachers can search for resources by language, multimedia type, format, subject, grade level, specific standards, and teacher or student recommendations. NetTrekker materials include more than 300,000 resources available in digital format, including lesson plans, learning games, video, audio, assessments, and interactive whiteboard materials.

iCurio is an online resource aimed at providing educators with learning materials and tools to help differentiate instruction for students. Users can access more than 330,000 Common Core-aligned digital resources for K-12 curriculum areas and filter materials by type, including video, images, games, lesson plans, and Web materials. Subjects range from math and science to philosophy and the arts. Resources can be further personalized by language, reading level, and type of learning aid.

Additional SideVibe features include:

  • SideVibe Companion, a draggable, collapsible panel that provides activities called Vibes and floats over linked Web pages being viewed. Through this tool, students can view linked Web sites and associated Web content provided by the teacher. Activities can include simulations and videos, and the discussion vibe allows teachers to ask students questions related to the site they're looking at. Students can also provide comments related to the discussion, and teachers can provide feedback; and
  • Teacher Companion, which also floats over Web pages, allows teachers to create, label, and save Vibes and link them to selected Web sites;
  • A permalink for every SideVibe topic;
  • Backlinking from SideVibe to the LMS lesson; and
  • Compatibility with whiteboards.

In addition, SideVibe saves students' responses and shows teacher feedback on their individual homepages. Teachers can also print PDF reports or download data.

Current SideVibe customers will still be able to access the portal without Knovation integration. Basic SideVibe accounts are free.

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