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7 Apps and Websites to Help You Teach Algebra

Common Sense Media’s service Graphite, which offers independent ratings and reviews on learning apps and websites, has compiled this list of its top apps and websites that help teach algebra. For complete reviews, and for each app’s "Learning Rating," visit the Graphite website.

Playful Minds1) Playful Minds
Grade Levels: K-2
Price: Free
Concepts: Motivation, problem solving
Set on a colorful tropical island, Playful Mindsteaches math skills geared for grades K-2. Kids complete different math tasks to unlock prizes and other islands. Grade-appropriate lessons cover counting, addition/subtraction and more. Progress reports help parents and teachers stay on top of students’ work. Read the full review.

Grade Levels: K-12
Price: Free
Concepts: Prediction, developing novel solutions
NRICHis a site filled with problem-solving activities to challenge and engage kids to think mathematically. Students are encouraged to take an “explore, question, notice and discuss” approach when developing solutions in real-world contexts. A multiplayer feature enables students to form groups. Additional features include interactive whiteboard, offline games and STEM projects. Read the full review.

DragonBox3) DragonBox Algebra 5+
Grade Levels: 4-8
Price: $5.99
Concepts: Logic, strategy
Entertaining drag-and-drop game design makes learning algebra fun in Dragonbox Algebra 5+. Kids follow easy instructions while they play along with avatars and cartoon characters to collect rewards. Read the full review.

AC Math4) AC Math
Grade Levels: 6-12
Price: Free to try; $300 for teacher use; $500 for classroom
Concepts: Applying information, collecting data
AC Mathoffersa deep set of comprehensive learning tools, lessons and data for student and teachers. Students get instant feedback on math tasks to gain mastery as they practice skills. Text and audio lessons help support a variety of learners, and a dashboard monitors activity progress. Each activity is based on Common Core or state standards. Read the full review.

Algebra Touch5) Algebra Touch
Grade Levels: 6-12
Price: $1.99
Concepts: Making conclusions, identifying strengths and weaknesses
For students new to or struggling with algebra, Algebra Touchteaches the basics in a stress-free way. As kids solve equations, they receive positive, step-by-step input towards finding an answer. Students discover how to apply information and gain practice to reinforce needed skills. Read the full review.

Get the Math6) Get the Math
Grade Levels: 7-10
Price: Free
Concepts: Problem-solving, thinking critically
Get the Math applies algebra to real-world scenarios using real-world people in fashion, music or sports. Kids watch videos and are challenged to use algebra to design a drum track, cost a clothing line or perfect a basketball free throw. The teacher page provides lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Math Standards as well as follow-up assessments. Read the full review. 

GeoGebra7) Geogebra
Grade Levels: 7-12
Price: Free
Concepts: Applying information, logic
GeoGebra lets kids explore algebra and geometry simultaneously as they create mathematical constructions and models. From trapezoids to whisker plots, students can drag objects and adjust parameters to fit given data. Teachers can add their own interactive worksheets and have access to extensive support video tutorials and a user forum. Read the full review.

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