ACT, CollegeWeekLive Partner To Put Students in Touch with Admissions Officers

ACT and CollegeWeekLive have partnered to integrate the latter's chat application directly with ACT Profile to allow students to chat with college admissions representatives while researching schools.

"Having the ability to connect live online with prospective colleges throughout the application process allows students to get timely answers to questions and make more informed choices," according to a news release. "According to the 2015 Ruffalo Noel-Levitz e-expectations report, prospective students rated live chat with admissions counselors as their preferred channel of communication. This online engagement enables colleges to have a knowledgeable pool of prospective students, having a positive impact on the quality of applicants and their subsequent enrollment."

As a result of the new partnership, students will be able to connect with admissions representatives of a particular school through that institution's page on ACT Profile. More than 120 schools have admissions professionals available for chat through the service.

"Admissions officers today need to recruit in the online channels that students prefer," said Sumant Mauskar, president of CollegeWeekLive, in a prepared statement. "Today's students want to have authentic conversations with schools in real time. We're excited that our partnership with ACT will expand timely recruitment capabilities for our college clients."

"Integrating the Campus Connect chat application directly on ACT Profile will allow students to start an online dialogue with the schools they're interested in attending so they get more information and answers to questions that are important to them," said Steve Kappler, vice president of brand experience at ACT, in a prepared statement. "They can get their questions answered in real time, instead of waiting for a high school visit or campus tour."

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Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].