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Shmoop Debuts Academic Social Network

Digital publisher Shmoop has launched ShmoopYou, an academic network designed to engage students in school as they get help from peers.

The network features ShmoopAnswers, which allows users to ask their peers questions, and more than a dozen chatrooms on topics such as math and foreign language. Each chatroom includes a list of experts in that room's subject matter so students can send them private messages if they need a little extra help.

"And by promoting skills and getting other Shmoopers to endorse them, students can become an expert in anything from AP Computer Science to Zumba," according to a news release. "Whodathunk that Charles Dickens would be skilled in selfies and handshakes? Plus, users will get status updates from everyone they know...and even people they don't know. That's right, Abe Lincoln (username: VampireHunter) and Holden Caulfield (username: PhonyHater) will spill the beans on the inner workings of their brains."

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