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Torsh Talent PD Platform Adds New Coaching Component

Torsh is adding new features to its Torsh Talent online professional development (PD) platform that is intended to enhance the coaching phase of PD and add an in-person component to what has primarily been a video observation tool.

The traditional Torsh Talent platform lets users upload instruction-related video, taken via mobile app, for viewing and provides space for reflection, discussion and feedback. The idea is that teachers can upload video they have shot of their own classroom performance and then collaborate online with their coaches based on the material to get feedback.

While the new version includes new navigation upgrades, the focus is on a "Coaching Corner" module with multiple tools to improve the coaching process, not only with video but with in-person observation, feedback and coaching.

The "Coaching Corner" module will allow schools, districts and universities using the tool to:

  • Conduct both in-person and video-based observation and evaluation;
  • Use customized frameworks to assess educator performance;
  • Create goals, monitor progress and track educator development over time;
  • Organize feedback and associated resources in electronic portfolios;
  • Track coaching via customized coaching logs;
  • Schedule coaching sessions with a built-in calendar; and
  • Produce detailed reports for individual educators, schools and districts.

"We fully expect these new features in Talent to streamline our coaching process even further, and enable better teacher training for our fellows," said Melissa Scheve, project director for Stanford University's Hollyhock Fellowship Program.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.