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Oregon School Adopts Standing Desks to Improve Learning Spaces

Oregon's Beaver Acres Elementary School has adopted standing desks in an effort to improve student health and redirect student focus.

Teachers at the school sought to enhance their classrooms while providing new learning spaces. They ended up distributing 40 LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks, from Ergotron, throughout classrooms in grades 3 through 5. Students are free to use the desks as they like to support their work and teachers use the desks to redirect high-energy students who may need to move around more to stay productive.

"At Beaverton, we pride ourselves on providing unique and beneficial learning spaces for our students," said Stacy Geale, Beaver Acres Elementary School principal, in a prepared statement. "With the implementation of the LearnFit desks, students and teachers are able to create the ideal environment for their daily lessons. I've also come to use a LearnFit desk to help keep me visible throughout the school day. I can tell the difference — when I'm out and about and standing, I have more energy."

"The LearnFit desks have helped shape the flexible arrangement of my classroom," said Ryan Hoxie, teacher and future ready strategist at the school, in a news release. "Having the desks in the classroom has enabled students to learn to share and make decisions, while increasing student participation, accountability and ownership."

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