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CoderZ Unveils New Coding Tournament Kit Called League in a Box

Product Simplifies Getting Students Involved in Robotics Competitions Locally and Internationally

CoderZ Technologies today introduced a new “League in a Box” kit available for purchase that enables educators to easily start and host coding tournaments within a classroom, a school, or a district.

In addition to simplifying local coding tournaments, League in a Box offers an entry path to CoderZ’s international Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition, the company said in a news release.

The League in a Box challenges students on small teams to complete “missions” by programming — through CoderZ’s online platform — virtual 3D robots, as they learn the foundations of coding in the process. Students can gather anywhere with internet access for a tournament; team size is up to the organizing school but CoderZ recommends each team consist of three to six students, the company said.

“League in a Box is an easy ‘plug and play’ solution that enables schools and districts to create exciting STEM community events on demand,” said CoderZ Vice President Yaarit Levy. “This is a fun way to incorporate STEM in the curriculum and promote STEM learning throughout a district’s student population. In addition to students learning coding and robotics, working as a team hones their collaboration skills, achieving mission goals boosts their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and the competitive aspect encourages grit.”

The League in a Box kit comes in three variations for different grades and knowledge levels:

Novice, for grades 4–6, best for students with no prior coding or robotics experience.

Junior, for grades 4–9, best for students with basic knowledge of coding, computer science, or robotics.

Pro, for grades 7–12, best for students with significant coding or robotics experience.

Each kit comes with a “training camp pack” that introduces students to CoderZ’s coding platform and helps them practice for the actual competition, according to the news release. Each pack includes 20-plus training missions based on coding concepts that form the foundation of the competition challenges.

A team dashboard tracks students’ progress and results, and a competition leaderboard automatically updates with teams’ progress, motivating students to keep going, CoderZ said.

Included with each League in a Box kit is a league manager guide with instructions on leading the “operation, administration, communication, and educational support required before, during, and after a competition,” CoderZ said. Also included is access to a tournament marketing kit with logos, promotional posters, online banners, badges, certificates, and awards for students who complete tournament challenges.

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