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McGraw Hill Releases AI-Powered ALEKS Adventure Math Program

McGraw Hill has launched ALEKS Adventure, a new AI-powered space adventure math program for first- and second-grade students for the 2024-25 school year. It will add third grade support the following year, the company said.

ALEKS Adventure is an expansion of the company's adaptive math and science program ALEKS, for grades 3–12. The first- and second-grade program enables students to learn with an animated sidekick dog, message classmates, and unlock new worlds. It joins the company's existing suite of digital supplemental and intervention enhancements, McGraw Hill said in a release.

Based on Knowledge Space Theory, which addresses problems with standardized testing, ALEKS Adventure uses machine learning to "measure what students know and what concepts they are ready to learn next," the company said, giving immediate feedback and help along the way and freeing up teacher time.

The program:

  • Provides "Digit the Dog," a mascot to help students;
  • Assesses individual learning and provides lessons and topics for students' achievement level;
  • Adjusts students' learning paths in real time, based on where they are struggling;
  • Offers an "easy-to-use learning experience," allowing independent work;
  • Gives rewards tokens as students successfully complete math problems, which they can use to customize avatars, spaceships, and other digital items, as well as unlock new worlds based on their mastery;
  • Provides a "learn by doing" model that gives helpful hints without giving away answers; and
  • Allows students to view each other's customized avatars and spaceships and cheer each other on with message emojis.

The company said ALEKS Adventure is "one of several newly enhanced digital supplemental and intervention products" it has added recently to its personalized learning suite. Those include the PreK–8 Number Worlds, which now includes Building Blocks Adaptive software, and the K–8 SRA Reading Laboratory.

Visit the ALEKS Adventure page to learn more.

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