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SchoolTutoring Steers Students through Science and Math

A company with a national tutoring service is testing out a new program it has developed specifically to help high school and college students who want to focus on disciplines in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

More Educators Joining Online Social Networks

The number of educators who participate in online social networks has increased 34 percent since 2009, according to new research, with 82 percent now belonging to social networks compared to 61 percent in 2009. Librarians have the highest rate of participation in online social networks, followed by teachers, and then principals.

Super Star Learning launches Social Learning Platform

Super Star Learning has launched an online social learning platform for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Engaging Without Restrictions

Restrictive approaches to social media in the classroom are hurting K-12 districts that expect their teachers to successfully guide students into the new media world. According to Steven Anderson, director of instructional technology at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, "best practices and guidelines have to allow kids to both explore and make mistakes."

What's Changing Education? For This Tech Tool Expert, It's Collaboration

If eduTecher founder and FETC presenter Adam Bellow had his way, K-12 educators would jump out of the technology "echo chambers" that many of them are trapped in and test out new tools, implement new applications, collaborate among each other, and allow more student-owned devices into the classroom.

Desire2Learn Expands Support for Web Conferencing, Captioning

Desire2Learn has unveiled new capabilities for its flagship learning platform, including integration with several collaboration, communication, and accessibility tools.

Blackboard Updates Student Interface in Learn Service Pack 10

Blackboard checked in with 600 students through focus groups and interviews, surveys, and usability testing to come up with a number of new features that appear in the latest service pack update of its learning management system. Likewise, the company said it also worked with 600 educators to refine Blackboard Learn SP10.

Pinning Down the Cloud

Teachers use Pinterest to make cloud-based learning fun.

The Best Little Teacher Education Program Out There

The Blue Valley School District’s teacher training program models pedagogy and technology for tomorrow’s teachers while they’re today’s high school students. Colleges of education should take notice.

Univision Taps Social Media To Promote Hispanic Education

Univision Communications, an American Spanish language media company, used social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, along with traditional mechanisms--television, in-person events, and phone banks--to promote the attainment of education by Hispanics and draw students and their parents into learning more about their educational options.

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