Not a Gamer? You Can Still Teach Game Design!

Designing games is a powerful way for students to learn transferable and in-demand skills, and teaching it can be as easy as allowing students to demonstrate their learning using tools they choose.

Diving Deep into Data to Support Students

By changing its approach to data and assessment, Maunawili Elementary School has been able to fine-tune instruction, better engage students, and find interventions that work.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Platforms to Increase Student Learning: One District's Journey

As educators, we cannot afford to delay providing instruction on appropriate use of artificial intelligence platforms to our students. Doing so places them at a significant disadvantage as they enter college and/or the workforce.

5 Steps to Incorporate Inclusivity into Your School Safety Plan

When the needs of every student, teacher, and staff member are considered in an inclusive safety plan, everyone can feel safe and protected — and better focus on academic success.

Teaching and Learning, Cheating, and Assessment in the Age of AI

The evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence require new approaches to instruction. Here, two leaders from the innovative Ulster BOCES share their expertise on AI's potential role in the classrooms of today and tomorrow.

$3 Billion in 70 Days: Tips for Expediting E-rate Funding Approval

With the E-rate application window closing soon, consider these four best practices for getting funding applications approved quickly.

Building a Culture of High Student Growth: One Cinderella District's Steps

Simply evaluating school-to-school achievement rates will yield only part of the story, because those factors are often linked to life outside of school: at-home literacy, access to enrichment opportunities, families' economic status … in other words, things that aren't under a school's control. But what if we looked at growth rather than achievement?

Building Consistent Communication for Student Success

At San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District in Central Texas, transparency and communication are critical to student success. We spoke with the district's chief of communications and technology about how how consistent communication between educators and families builds relationships, trust, and a foundation of student support.

The Importance of Community Education

Community partnerships add another layer to education that is critical to helping students thrive and develop life skills.

3 AI Imperatives for Schools in 2024

How will artificial intelligence impact schools and districts this year? We asked AI and education leaders for their predictions and thoughts on the most important issues to consider as the technology evolves and adoption expands. Here's what they told us.