How Green Tech Can Save You Green

Sustainable technology strategies can shrink both your school system's carbon footprint and its energy bills.

Indiana School District Saves Big with Computing Device Plug Management

School City of Hammond, a school district in Indiana with an annual utility bill of more than $3.5 million annually, has gone public with its use of software to manage the energy usage of its computing devices.

California District Goes Solar With Rooftop Arrays

The San Diego Unified School District has completed a solar array designed to provide solar energy to 29 schools and two other district facilities.

Texas High School Deploys Renewable Energy Thanks to Student Club

Taylor High School has deployed a renewable energy system that brings together solar and wind power in an effort to reduce costs and teach students about sustainable energy.

North Carolina School Adopts Solar To Save $16 Million

Sandy Grove Middle School, located in Hoke County, NC, has deployed a photovoltaic solar power system, making it a net producer of energy.

Lucid's BuildingOS Unites Energy Data

Lucid is introducing BuildingOS, an "online operating system" for buildings. The new service can pull data from 150 meter types and building systems, including utility meters, building and lighting controls, sub-meters, onsite generation feeds, and plug loads meters.

Montana School District Could Save $140K Annually with Energy Efficiency Improvements

A Montana school district is looking to save more than $140,000 per year through improvements made to 12 of its school buildings -- improvements that are designed to make them more energy-efficient. The changes, which will be finished by the end of 2013, will come at no up-front cost to the district.

Maryland School Adds Solar Array To Generate $18,000 Annually

Maryland's University Park Elementary School is installing a rooftop photovoltaic solar array projected to generate up to $18,000 each year in addition to clean energy.

Central Nebraska District Cuts Costs with Energy Efficient Upgrades

Sumner-Eddyville-Miller Public Schools in central Nebraska plans to implement more energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, windows, and electronic controls, and switch to a renewable energy heat source.

Arizona District Adds 2.3 Million kWh of Solar Power

Solar power will now provide approximately 60 percent of the electricity at Arizona's Somerton School District.

Maryland District Completes 803-Kilowatt Solar Array

Dorchester County Public Schools has completed an 803-kilowatt solar installation on the campus of Mace's Lane Middle School.

Bay Area School District Nets $3 Million Yearly Savings with Solar Installation

A 51-school solar power system has been completed for the Mount Diablo Unified School District in the East San Francisco Bay area, resulting in an expected $3 million per year in energy cost savings for the district.

Arizona District Powers Schools with On-Campus Solar Energy Installations

Tanque Verde Unified School District in Tucson, AZ, is going green on all four of its campuses with solar power installations expected to generate 2 million kilowatt-hours each year.

Solar-Powered Model Car Competition Fuels STEM Education

A national online competition challenges students in grades 4-8 to build the fastest, best designed, and most visually stunning solar vehicle they can imagine.

Partnership Provides Energy Benchmarking Software to Ohio Schools

An Ohio organization focused on cutting electricity costs for school districts in the state has partnered with a company that develops software-as-a-service applications to manage facilities, maintenance, and technology.

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