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Texas CC Tests VR to Help Middle Schoolers Explore Careers

A Texas community college turned to virtual reality to help middle schoolers in the region figure out what careers they should declare for themselves as they enter high school, as well as to promote career and technical education (CTE).

Google Expects 40 New Chromebooks This Year

Google just announced that the education world would see 40 new Chromebooks along with accessibility improvements during this year.

Microsoft Intros New Windows 10 Computers for Students

Microsoft recently announced a set of low-cost student computing devices from several vendors, updated its student pen and introduced an update to Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Field Trip Kits Get a Makeover

An education robotics company has updated its virtual field trip offerings. RobotLAB will be working with Encyclopedia Britannica on VR Expeditions 2.0.

Tulsa High School to Set Up AR/VR Immersive Learning Lab

The new lab at the high school will provide a theater-style setting, numerous VR headsets and hands-on tactile engagement to create mixed reality content.

Ed Tech Company Intros New Platform for Delivering VR Lessons

A company that creates augmented reality and virtual reality education applications has launched a new platform for creating and delivering lessons to be taught in VR. VictoryXR Academy from VictoryXR enables the user to build lesson plans for a single class or a course.

The Lesson of COVID-19: Learning at School and Learning at Home Must Be Seamless

The COVID-19 disruption caught K-12 unprepared and issuing packets of paper, the March solution, won’t work in the Fall. Learning must be continuous, seamless, regardless of location. Time for schools to join the 21st century and use digital curricula. In this week’s blog, we describe classrooms in Michigan that seamlessly weathered the COVID-19 disruption.

VR Device Replicates Touch

A new virtual reality device from a team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers allows users to feel walls and solid objects.

Google Classroom Is Top Education App Download

Mobile education applications have experienced a 90 percent increase in weekly downloads usage worldwide between the last three months of 2019 and the first three months of 2020, according to a new analysis by App Annie.

Google Explains How to Prep Chromebooks for Home Use

As district IT teams prepare their Chromebooks to go home with students during school closures due to coronavirus, Google has developed some text resources to help them make the changes needed to those devices.