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Educators Feeling Stressed, Anxious, Overwhelmed and Capable

More than nine in 10 teachers (94 percent) shifted to remote teaching in response to school closures. While most of those teachers that haven't transitioned to online teaching (another 4 percent) intended to do so, among the tiny share that haven't and won't, the primary reasons they gave were tied to lack of access to technology and lack of support at home for their students. More than half in that position (55 percent) said they were handing out paper materials to parents for students to use at home.

7 Steps for Sending Kids Back to School

Michael Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham institute, outlines steps for sending "elementary kids back to school and parents back to work."

School Superintendents to Ed Tech: 'Please Stop'

During a period when school system leaders are focused on making sure students get enough food and have the equipment and access they need for remote learning and are trying to figure out plans for the fall, what's not helping, they said, was a "flood of sales calls from technology vendors offering to help."

Study Boosts Link between Social-Emotional Learning and Academics

The idea that students who get help in developing their social-emotional skills do better academically received a boost in a multi-state study. The research found "statistically significant and consistent relationships" between students' social-emotional skills and their academic outcomes in grades three to 10, with a heightened connection in grade 9.

Chiefs to Change Launch Challenges Teacher Views on System Leader Roles

The share of teachers who believe that top district and state education leaders make a difference in the lives of students is tiny — in the low double digits.

Report: COVID-19's Impact on School Funding

While it's much too soon to understand what impact COVID-19 will have on K–12 education, two researchers have looked at the potential outcomes.

Online Study of Reading Software Shows Widening Achievement Gap

Recent research by the NWEA projected major declines in student learning, particularly in math, but also reading.

Poverty, Race Linked to Lack of Internet for Students

The research project quantified how much less likely low-income and non-white children and youth were to have access to the internet than their peers.

Most High Schoolers Expect to Head Back to School in the Fall

Spring fever is taking on a new profile in a time of pandemic stay-at-home orders. High schoolers are now feeling much more enthusiastic about the prospect of returning to school in the fall.

Research: Students Feeling Stressed; So Are Their Teachers

Two recent surveys have examined the social and emotional well-being of K-12 students but from opposing sides — one focused on the students and the other focused on teachers.