Research & Forecasts

Coronavirus Forces Personal Computing Devices and Smartphones into Temporary Decline

All categories of computing devices, including tablets, desktops, workstations, laptops and smartphones, will be impacted in 2020 by the Coronavirus and its hit on the supply chain and global economies.

Latest Reading Report Tracks Trends of Reading in K–12

As students move through school, they tend to spend less time reading nonfiction. The number of topics students show interest in through their reading practices also narrows as they age.

AI to Take Much Greater Role in Privacy Compliance

Artificial intelligence will power 40 percent of privacy compliance technologies within the next htree years. That’s up from 5 percent now, according to market research firm Gartner.

Augmented Reality to Reach $100 Billion by 2024

The market for augmented reality will soar to $100 billion by 2024, driven by advances in interaction between the user and AR devices, according to a new forecast by market research firm ABI.

Education to Help Drive VR Growth

Education is one of the categories that will help propel the massive growth of virtual reality over the next five years.

CTE Studies Boost High School Grad Rates in Oregon

CTE received a burst of support from state lawmakers when it committed funding to the development and expansion of CTE programs across the state through a CTE "revitalization grant" program.

STEM Trends for 2020 Target Diversity, Rural Teachers and PD

A nonprofit pursuing the goal of helping prepare 100,000 teachers to teach STEM subjects in American classrooms by 2021 recently issued a report on 10 trends for 2020, placing diversity challenges at the top of the list.

Enrollment Down by a Third in Teacher Prep Programs

Special education and STEM were two areas where the shortages have been "persistent."

Science of Reading (Finally) Becoming Mainstream in Teacher Prep Programs

For the first time, a majority of elementary teacher education programs have adopted the tenets of reading science in their curriculum.

Teachers Like Coaching for PD, but Impact Could be Greater

In a national online survey of 1,246 coaches, administrators and teachers, nearly nine in 10 said they found value in coaching as a form of professional development. More than half (52 percent) said it was "highly" or "very" valuable to them. And exactly half reported that coaching had a positive impact on their practice to a "large" or "great" extent.