First Look: Desire2Learn Essentials

Today Desire2Learn introduced a new course management/learning management system--Desire2Learn Essentials--targeted toward smaller institutions: those with fewer than 5,000 users, including K-12 schools and districts, virtual high schools, colleges, universities, and e-learning programs. We have an exclusive first look at this new system.

The Artistry of Painter X

In media labs and classrooms around the country, the visual arts are increasingly going digital. Video editing, motion graphics, design, animation, photography: All have followed the trend in the professional world toward desktop- and workstation-based production. And the same is true to a certain extent with drawing and painting, although there seems to be more of a lag in adoption of digital technologies in those areas.

Hands on with Primera's Bravo SE Disc Publisher

DVD authoring in the classroom is a reality. It may not be literally everywhere, but with the proliferation of the format and the widespread availability of free and easy authoring tools, educators in pockets around the world have adopted this medium for everything from class projects and course materials to multimedia presentations and informational pieces for parents and community members. But for many educators who want to get involved with DVD authoring, there is one significant practical barrier: the time it takes to produce multiple DVDs.

Hands on with Newer Tech’s Universal Drive Adapter

Here's one for the technician on the move. Chances are that the computers in your school use at least two different types of hard drives—probably more. You have, of course, SATA and PATA 3.5-inch hard drives in your desktops and workstations. But you also have SATA and PATA 2.5-inch drives for your notebooks. (The more recent high-performance notebooks like Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro use 2.5-inch SATA drives.) And this means that when it comes time for diagnostics, recovery or general maintenance on these drives, you're stuck finding enclosures or docks for each one of these different interface types.

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