Customers May Rent LCD Projection Units

In Focus Systems announced an innovative nationwide rental program that allows prospective customers to try their popular LCD panels and projectors before buying them. Through the Instant Access program, educators may use the projection product of their choice&emdash;delivered overnight anywhere in the U.S.&emdash;for as little as $175 for a two-day rental. Seven models are available: the PanelBook 450LS, 550eLS and 750 panels; the PowerView 950 panel; the LitePro 580 and 570LS projectors; and the 410P overhead projector. Customers may also try the LiteShow electronic slide presentation system, which works with most PanelBooks and the LitePro 570LS. Included with all rentals are set-up instructions, free technical support, a carrying case and pre-printed return labels. In Focus Systems, Wilsonville, OR, (800) 294-6400.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.