Demo Shows Off Ed. Internet Service

A Demo Server of theLINQ enables a K-12 institution's faculty and administrators to explore a representative sample of the content of the Internet service for K-12 education as well as the front-end GUI used to deliver it. The Demo CD-ROM contains theLINQ's server software, Web pages and more. Basically, it's a "snapshot" of theLINQ that lets one try all of its built-in features and functions (limited to the content cached on the CD). In a nutshell, theLINQ server is installed on a school's Novell or AppleTalk network -- users then just log on. Through theLINQ service, the Internet's most current and pertinent K-12 content is already gathered, organized and stored on the server -- updated and delivered daily. One can also go onto the Internet "live," with full or supervised access. The basic package includes all the hardware and software needed, (a 28.8 modem and 1.2GB hard disk, as well as theLINQ software) plus 200 user IDs. Functions offered by theLINQ include full e-mail, both within an institution and to the outside world; a bridge to the Internet that is customizable and controllable; automatic delivery of educational Web sites, plus the ability to publish Web pages; and more. One can customize Internet access on an individual level (by user ID) to restrict or broaden access as appropriate. Features designed for community access are also a highlight. Plus, all software on theLINQ is organized by grade level, subject and platform -- to easily search by discipline. Cost for theLINQ service comes out to 1¢ per hour per user, according to the provider. Scantron Quality Computers, St. Clair Shores, MI, (800) 777-3642.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.