Power Mac CAD SW Is Enhanced

PowerCADD 2.0, the latest Power Macintosh version of PowerDraw, incorporates Publish & Subscribe, new printing features, more flexible and powerful layer attributes, three new Externals and much more. Other enhancements include: Dynamic Snapping; a new user-friendly drawing environment; moveable dialog boxes which remember their location; Bezier and Freehand Bezier tools; and a memory-conscious Freehand Polygon tool that creates complex curves with correct points. PowerCADD 2.0 is also the first Power Mac CAD program to take advantage of Publish and Subscribe, System 7's dynamic data linking element which allows users to streamline their drawing management practices and participate in workgroup design. PowerCADD 2.0 requires a Power Mac. Engineered Software, Greens-boro, NC, (910) 299-4843. M

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.