Video Tutorials Teach Mac's System 7.5

How to Master the Macintosh Computer: System 7.5 is a four-volume video training series. They cover everything from click and drag to more complicated issues like disk caching and networking. The videos proceed according to level of difficulty, starting with Video 1 covering components, the desktop, menu bar and other subjects. Video 2 focuses on organizing files, backing up the hard disk, Find, CD-ROM and DOS disks. Video 3 topics include: System folder, desk accessories, extensions, RAM disk and virus problems. Video 4 wraps up the series with discussions on Publish/Subscribe, networks, sharing setup, users and groups, AppleShare, AppleScript, Script Editor and a few other topics. The firm also has a video series on System 7.1. MacAcademy, Ormond Beach, FL, (800) 527-1914.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.