Whiteboard Supplies More Room to Write

The KX–;B620 Panaboard is a new model added to Panasonic"s line of electronic whiteboards. It features a bigger writing area than previous models and is designed for meetings, classrooms, conference rooms &emdash; anywhere that note–;taking is important.

At the push of a button, anything that is written, drawn, or even taped onto the screen can be printed on an 8.5–;inch thermal sheet of paper. This frees people from having to take notes, enabling them to concentrate on the meeting.

At 66 inches, the writing area of the KX–;B620 is 27% larger than the next biggest Panaboard. Panasonic Communications & Systems Co., Secaucus, NJ, (800) 742–;8086.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.