Zip Drive Puts 100MB In Pocket for $200

Iomega"s Zip drive is a portable storage device that uses interchangeable 100MB or 25MB Zip disks that are ideal for archives, hard drive backups, file sharing and transporting large files such as multimedia content &emdash; all in a package the size of a portable CD player.

The drives, which weigh less than a pound, are suited for placement in PC or Mac labs, on networks, in classrooms and offices, as well as for individual use. Access times are 29 ms for 100MB media and 16 ms for 25MB media.

Zips come in SCSI and parallel port models. With simple external connections, it works like a hybrid hard disk/floppy drive; one can launch applications and work on files directly from the drive. Simply eject a disk and enter another when desired. A set of Zip software tools are included.

Zip disks are about the size of 3.5–;inch flop¼es and cost around $15 each. Iomega offers special academic pricing in addition to the SRP of $199. Iomega Corp., Roy, UT, (800) 778–;5763,

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.