Gradebook SW Gives Unlimited Flexibility

GRADE QUICK! is a grade- book program that adapts to a teacher's personal method of doing things, offering multiple customization options, all with a click of the mouse.

Rows and columns are easily hidden and retrieved as desired, or column widths can be reduced to show more data, and any or all statistics can be shown. Any grading or weighting system can be used -- letters, numbers, words or symbols. Teachers can use standard reports or easily modify their design or content.

GRADE QUICK! provides graphic visual aids such as full-color reports and graphs, which can present grade distribution information for any grading period, category or assignment. One can even create graphs to illustrate a single student's progress.

The program offers powerful import/export options and cross-platform capabilities, letting the same gradebook files work on Mac, DOS and Windows PCs. Jackson Software, Glenc'e, IL, (800) 850-1777. WDM

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.