Learn & Create Art With "Natural" Tools

Tailored for ages 8 and up, Dabbler 2.0 offers several "firsts," including flipbook animation and multimedia–;based "art tutors."

This paint–;and–;draw application now ships on a CD–;ROM, which contains versions for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Macintosh and Power Mac. It takes over where the programs KidPix and Fine Artist leave off, says the package's publisher.

Art tutors float over the interface and present step–;by–;step lessons using movies, sound, text and graphics. Some lessons are based on the books Cartooning with Bruce Blitz and Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair.

Plus, Natural Media tools, effects or tracing paper can be used to create individual frames to be played as a Flipbook inside of Dabbler, printed, or exported as either QuickTime or Video for Windows movies. Fractal Design Corp., Aptos, CA, (800) 297–;COOL. WM

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.