MM Authoring Pkg. Needs No Scripting

Open!Info Manager streamlines the process of building, storing and distributing multimedia presentations and projects &emdash; all without having to write scripts.

The package provides a sophisticated object–;oriented database for storage, retrieval and previewing of video, audio, animation, graphics and text. It supports all major video compression algorithms including HTI's TrueMotion–;S, which is software–;only digital video.

Several people can work simultaneously on different aspects of an Open!Info project; its "global template" standardizes the look of a presentation. Playback software enables royalty–;free distribution.

Viewers can navigate through an Open!Info presentation via user–;created hot areas and list boxes, or directly launch nearly any third–;party application. Horizons Technology, Inc. (HTI), San Diego, CA, (800) 828–;3808, W

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.