SW Package Features Anim/Illustration Modules

Ray Dream Studio for Windows 95 includes four components that combine advanced illustration and animation features with ease of use.

Ray Dream Designer 4 enables users to create full-color, high-resolution 3D images. The complex details of building photorealistic 3D illustrations &emdash; including perspective, subtle shadows, lighting effects, textures and reflections &emdash; are handled automatically.

The Scene wizard automatically creates complete indoor, outdoor and studio environments that are ready for placement of objects; it also guides the user through the process of creating custom scenes.

Designer includes over 350 texture and shader combinations that can be edited by specifying properties in channels including color, highlight, shininess, bump, reflection, transparency, refraction and glow.

Ray Dream Animator incorporates sophisticated, powerful animation tools that were previously available only on high-end workstations. Inverse Kinematics, Total Control Timeline, Rotoscoping, Tweeners, Object Deformation and Object Behaviors all help the user develop complex and advanced animation.

The Dream Models module includes over 500 fully textured models created by leading 3D modeling vendors, View Point Datalabs and Acuris, Inc. These models are completely editable, and include fully implemented shaders, logical grouping and accurate thumbnail previews.

The Extensions Tool Kit provides documentation describing the complete Application Programming Interface (API) that allows the creation of product extensions and plug-ins. Ray Dream, Inc., Mountain View, CA, (415) 960-0768. W

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.

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