Productivity Tool Is Just for Educators

CSL Curriculum Orchestrator connects lesson plans to important guiding documents such as state and district frameworks, and those of professional associations. The heart of the program is its Knowledge Base of skills tools and processes, flexibly designed so it d'es not impose any specific teaching style, educational philosophy or curriculum content. Instead, when teachers compare lesson plans with frameworks, the software suggests resources that are available in the school or that can be purchased to meet those guidelines. Instructors covering several required subjects in a particular order can obtain a "snapshot" of that order, or view plans by weeks or groups of days. When linked with CSL Thesis or MacSchool, personal calendars can even be updated with reminders about special school schedules. Teachers may also leave themselves a note on what worked well in a certain lesson plan or share ideas with colleagues. Chancery Software, Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada, (800) 999-9931. WM

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.